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Managed Networks

Our Managed Network Services provide you connectivity wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our networks utilise wholesale fibre agreements to get you high speed, high reliability and private site interconnectivity.

We have access to NBN Fibre, Telstra Fibre, Vocus & TPG Fibre as well as local dark fibre providers in the areas we service to ensure we can get you access into our network. 

Our network core utilises high end Juniper routing & switching equipment. All Managed network solution come with a direct link into our private cloud environment to enable local routing between your sites and your cloud services. 

With direct access to Major & Regional data centres in every state in Australia and directly peered with all the major public clouds - we can provide you a world class network customised to meet your specific requirements.


If you have a legacy private network connecting your sites, we can provide advice on how to improve your setup to lower costs, increase speeds, and proactively monitor your network for you.

Multisite Connectivity

Our best-in-breed networking technologies facilitate multisite connectivity at superior speeds and reliability as opposed to typical legacy solutions from the incumbent telcos. Our solutions are technology and carrier agnostic, leveraging wholesale agreements with Australia’s Tier 1 telco providers.

We leverage various technologies to deliver a network that is most suitable for the organisation. We have experience deploying Layer 2, MPLS, SD-WAN and ZTNA style networks.

We have partnered with Fortigate, Juniper & Aruba for our network stack so we are backed by market leading networking vendors.

Enterprise Fibre

We offer high speed and reliable fibre internet services to help drive higher working output without the downtime caused by aging copper technologies. Our fast and transparent delivery timeframes will have you realising the advantages of this technology quicker than typical delivery lead times from older and  less nimble providers.

Network Management

We take a holistic approach to managing your network, including proactively managing all local network devices such as routers, switches and WiFi access points. This allows us to ensure that all your team are not hampered by any issue within the connectivity chain, and you can realise greater working efficiencies.

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" Having the backend network put in place now by TOIM means that we have peace of mind that when we do have downtime, which can happen through various reasons with NBN. There's always a way that we can get around it such as having the 4G wifi routers switch over, so as soon as there's a problem, there's already a backup solution in place. We're never without the internet for very long periods of time. "
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