Joblink Plus has been working with TOIM since early 2021.

The organisation first heard about TOIM in February when looking for an IT provider to cover an IT gap they were experiencing. They spoke with TOIM, liked what they offered and engaged their services right away.

There were internal and external challenges to attain ISO 27 K One accreditation that was required to service Joblink Plus’ employment services contract. They also needed ground level IT support with their help desk to support the frontline. Really, it was a total business package the organisation required. TOIM now manages all IT services on Joblink Plus’ behalf.

Joblink Plus was at a point where they were ready to move to a more modern cloud infrastructure that would provide more secure, faster and scalable networks.  Joblink Plus needed to enhance information security to meet the growing needs of the organisation and the requirements of delivering Contracts where protecting private and confidential information is of utmost importance.  Part of this transition required the upgrade and replacement of older systems that would not meet the ongoing needs of Joblink Plus.  Craig McLeod, Executive Leader for Quality and Compliance, says “We first heard about TOIM when we were undertaking the Right Fit for Risk program with the Australian Government to meet our ISM requirements and TOIM came on board to help us redevelop our networks.”

“Initially it was a very short period of time that we engaged TOIM to do some emergency work on networks that needed rebuilding, but since then they've come on board fully and have become an invaluable part of our team.”

“They developed our systems to a point where we are becoming future-proof and we’re not reliant on internal resources or ad hoc servicing, so they've really managed to streamline our services and create a cohesive and well-developed IT infrastructure.”

The Chief Financial Officer of Joblink Plus, Stephen Fairless takes care of finance, facilities, fleet and sits on the IT committee within the organisation. After some internal changes, he says “frontline business were under-serviced due to the change in IT support.  There was a lack of experience and staff within the then internal IT team, so we needed to build that relationship up with TOIM when they first started.

Today, with the help of TOIM’s on the ground staff it’s working really well and the trust is there so everyone is feeling secure about their IT needs.”

“Having the backend network put in place by TOIM means we have peace of mind that when we do have downtime, which can happen through various reasons with NBN, there's always a way that we can get around it such as having the 4G wifi routers switch over, so as soon as there's a problem, there's already a backup solution in place. We're never without the internet for very long periods of time.”

“Our people feel that when they have a problem, it is quickly addressed and it's having that communication through email, and over the phone, which means that they feel at ease that their problem has been looked at and will be quickly rectified.”


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