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Managed IT

Our business managed IT services provide you with helpdesk support, project management, IT asset management and a dedicated technology account manager.

We support your computers, servers, network, phone system, voice lines, line of business applications and help you increase your cyber security protections.

With a focus on fast, efficient service and 24x7 support available we ensure your business technology is always working.

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With technology being so critical, it’s important to have robust systems in place that are regularly maintained to minimise downtime to prevent business data and financial loss.



We offer end-to-end management of your business IT systems. 

Managed Helpdesk

Our friendly and professional IT helpdesk can triage and resolve all your IT issues so that you and your staff can spend more time being productive, and less time googling for fixes.

We operate our helpdesk locally in Tamworth and calls are answered by real technicians who understand your environment and can provide fast resolution to your issues.

We supprt your computers, servers, network, wi-fi and business specific applications. With standards ours between 8-6 Monday to Friday and 24x7 Service plans available.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

We keep your technology always under our watchful eye - so the moment there’s a problem, we’re onto it even before it is causing an issue for your business.

Toim utilises industry leading monitoring software to continuously monitor data points across your technology. This allows us to be alerted to anomolies or any concerns potentially prior to it causing any business disruption or issues.


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We work with you to develop long term technology strategies and implementation plans to help you achieve your business objectives. 
We provide you with regular business technology reviews. We’re not afraid to show you the numbers on our own performance and hold ourselves accountable. We use these sessions to provide suggestions for continuous improvement on how to get the most out of your technology.


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" Dealer Principal, Tim Easey says “once TOIM came available back in August, 2019, we joined with their company. In ensuring that our employees are totally engaged with the services that we have through technology, TOIM’s been fantastic in bringing them through new technology, our strategic plan to go forward, and interaction with our manufacturer Toyota Australia. "
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