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Private Cloud

Remove the headache and cost of managing your infrastructure on site. We offer cloud hosted servers, backups, disaster recovery solutions and cloud phone systems.

Our Private cloud comes with high availability with compute and storage served from both the Tamworth and Dubbo Data Centres. These Data Centres provide enhanced security and real time 24x7 proactive monitoring.

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Our High uptime SLA ensures your criticial infrastructure is available for your staff and ensures that there is no interruption to your operations caused by server outages

Cloud Hosting

We take care of your servers in our georedundant, highly available private cloud. Reduce your risks by making it our problem so you don’t have to worry about downtime, updates or power outages ever again.
Because we own our infrastructure, we have the flexibility to custom build a cloud solution that fits you.

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Cloud Phone Systems

On premise phone systems are a thing of the past - with the new ways of working requiring more flexibility and adaptability than ever before. Our cloud phone systems move with you, and help your team keep in touch.
In our cloud, we give you dedicated infrastructure - to ensure it is customisable for your needs.

Business Continuity

The modern business can’t function without access to its information. Our solutions ensure it is always protected and available. Rest easy knowing that no matter what disaster the world throws at you, we’ve got your back and we’ll keep you online and operating.

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" For our busy and ever expanding Fire Services & Maintenance business, being so fire & life safety focused - uptime is critical. Outsourcing our critical services to Toim’s Private Cloud ensures that we can meet these critical uptime requirements of our customers, and we’re protected from any adverse events causing a downstream impact. Toim’s impeccable attention to detail with immediate customer service, communication and responsiveness is second to none. "
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