Tamworth City Toyota have a headcount of 58 people in their Tamworth yard, and a total across three sites of  about 98.

The business was purchased back in October, 2018 and needed IT services support. 

Dealer Principal, Tim Easey says “once TOIM came available back in August, 2019, we joined with their company. In ensuring that our employees are totally engaged with the services that we have through technology, TOIM has been fantastic in bringing them through new technology, our strategic plan to go forward and introductory with our manufacturer Toyota Australia.” 

“When I was first introduced to Tom and Tim, we found it was a great working relationship and it's been great to see the expansion and success of the other great people, such as Mark and so on that have joined TOIM technology and the services that they support.”

“Probably the most important thing to our business is ensuring that our IT services are working 24/7. No doubt through the efforts of TOIM Technology, when a system goes down, the speed and accuracy of getting us back online is second to none.” 

“To me, the most reassuring thing as a business owner is knowing that we've got access to Tom and Tim, but also knowing that when we do have an issue and your systems are down, the speed and accuracy of what they and their team can offer just gives you great peace of mind.”


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